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Fox and Company is a management consulting firm which shows clients how to:

  - Dollarize their value proposition

  - Overcome price objections

  - Shorten the sales cycle.

For over 25 years, founder and best selling author Jeffrey Fox has provided marketing training and consulting services which help clients grow revenues and increase gross margins. Find out how Fox and Company can help your business grow.

Learn how to make your business grow

Grow revenues and increase gross margins

NEW RELEASES by Jeffrey J. Fox
Jeffrey J. Fox, author and business consultant for over 25 years.
"Thank you so much for your friendship and guidance for too many years. Your presentation was over the top. The buzz of the meeting. I am truly humbled."

"Looking forward to putting your dollarization principles in place ... and make it rain"
"I found the training very interesting, the methods will definitely prove of benefit going forward"

"Thank you for the great opportunity to assist with the Dollarization workshop in Dusseldorf. I am very impressed with the workshop, the Dollarization discipline, and your experience and wisdom you shared"
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Jeffrey J. Fox’s bestselling books of effective, counterintuitive business strategies are now available in newly updated and beautifully repackaged editions

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Image of cover of How to Become a Great Boss by Jeffrey J. Fox
Image of cover of How to Become CEO by Jeffrey J. Fox
These three books have been revised and updated for 2015 with attention to the new technologies that affect our everyday business practices.  In an age of laptops, smartphones, and tablets, we must use email, texting, Facebook, and Twitter effectively, lest it get in the way of success. The 2015 editions of Fox’s classic titles teach how to do just that—and so much more.

See our books page for more information about
these books and other Jeffrey J. Fox bestsellers
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