Jeffrey J. Fox's Biography

Jeffrey Fox consults with top-notch organizations around the world. He is consigliore to CEOs and senior executives. Fox & Co is in the business of helping clients grow revenues and increase gross margins. He has written eleven international best-selling books, and regularly speaks to organizations and company sales forces.

Jeffrey’s books:

“How To Become A Fierce Competitor” is timely and timeless. It is a quick read of lessons and rules on what managers must do in tough economic times. Short, snappy chapters. Great stories from some of the world’s fierce competitor companies.

“How To Become CEO,” as with all of the books in the Fox Series, is for ambitious people of any age. It was a NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and amazon best seller. It was one of four of Jeff’s books to be # 1 best sellers in France. It was # 1 in Turkey, Singapore, Russia, and Hong Kong. It is published in over thirty languages.

“How To Become A Rainmaker” was selected as one of the “100 Best Business Books Of All Time.”

“The Secrets Of Great Rainmakers” is a partner book to “Rainmaker.” Both are essential to sales people.

“Rain: What A Paperboy Learned About Business” is a cool little book. Rain is a thirteen year old who delivers the morning paper in New England. Rain faces challenges in each chapter, which he solves in surprising ways. He faces a bully, customers who won’t pay, mean dogs, sales contests to win. The second half of the book is called “The Rain reader.” Readers are able to link the metaphors in “Rain” to their personal and business lives. “Rain” was selected as the best business audio book of the year in 2010.

“The Dollarization Discipline” shows managers how to calculate their products’ quantified value proposition, and to express that value in dollars and cents, or in pounds or euros or any currency. “Dollarization” was selected as one of the “Top Thirty Business Books of the Year” in 2005. “How To Become A Great Boss” is required or recommended reading in many of the great corporations in the world.

“How To Make Big Money In Your Own Small Business” is aimed at the owners and managers in companies with from one to 500 employees.

“How To Become A Marketing Superstar,” as with all of Jeff’s books, is filled with contrarian rules on how build brands, price to value, write headlines, get market share. The book includes five “Instant Marketing Challenges” that test the acumen of people in the marketing game.

“How To Land Your Dream Job” was originally published as “Don’t Send A Resume: And Other Contrarian Rules To Land A Job.” This book is a cult item among job seekers, especially university graduates and people who have lost a job in mid-career.

“How To Get To The Top: Business Lessons Learned At The Dinner Table” captures the lessons successful people learned from parents, grandparents, elders, coaches, mentors. Jeffrey Fox’s books have been described as contrarian, short, fast reads, to the point, no nuances.

Most speakers and authors Ive seen offer either useless entertainment or clever theories with no application. Fox is real. His books are readable and his ideas are workable. What a refreshing change! National Sales Manager, Major Retirement Services Company


Jeffrey Fox’s books have been described as contrarian, short, fast reads, to the point, no nuances.



Professional Background

Prior to starting Fox & Co. Jeffrey worked in senior positions for three high powered consumer and industrial marketing companies. He was Vice President , Marketing, and a Corporate Vice President of Loctite Corp, now Henkel/Loctite. He was Director of Marketing for the wine divisions of The Pillsbury Co. He was the Director of New Products for Heublein, Inc, now Diageo. (All three companies became clients of Fox & Co.) Jeffrey is the winner of “Sales & Marketing Management” magazine’s Outstanding Marketer Award; winner of the American Marketing Association’s Outstanding Marketer in Connecticut; and the National Distributors Association’s award as the nation’s Best Industrial Marketer. He is the subject of a Harvard Business School case study that is rated one of the top 100 case studies, and which is thought to be the most widely taught marketing case in the world.

Jeffrey graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. where he was a Capitol Area Scholar. He earned his MBA form Harvard Business School. He served as an elected Trustee of Trinity College, where he has won several alumni awards, including Person of the Year. He served on the Board of Directors of Saint Francis Hospital, one of the top 100 hospitals in the United States.


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