Marketing Notes

Notes on Brand Name Development

Guidelines for generating and judging new brand names.

20 Contrarian Rules for Successful Marketing

Quick thoughts on the fundamentals of good marketing.

Characteristics of Killer Competitor Companies

A brief examination of the characteristics of companies that consistently lead or dominate their industries.

Marketing Anatomy of Specialty Products Companies

Traditional manufacturers and commodity sellers can add value by embracing the business ways of specialty products marketers.

Hallmarks of Great Marketing Companies

A collection of the guiding principles for the great marketing companies.


An Introduction to Dollarization

Dollarization is a proprietary Fox & Co. approach to calculating and demonstrating the true financial return a product or service delivers to a customer. This booklet provides a brief overview of the concept, as well as examples of its application.

Thoughts on Market Share

This paper explores the critical importance of market share leadership, examines historical market share leaders and explains some of the key factors that impact market share position.

How to Write a Persuasive Business Letter

Thirty direct and actionable tips for improving your business letters. This little booklet has long been a favorite of Fox & Co. clients.

Innovative Ways To Unorganize For New Product Success

A provocative and iconoclastic formula for the real way corporations must go about new product development. This imaginative alternative to corporate bureaucracy and impotence offers specific, practical, simple action steps. The article answers "what should the corporation do, and what kind of person can do it?"